12 Days of Giving

If the walls of Children’s Hospital of Illinois could talk, what would they say?  They would tell stories of 4 year – old heroes and cancerous villains.  They would start a slow clap for every staff member that, day after day, gives everything they have to make a difference.  And above all else they would spread the message that when we all come together the impossible is possible.

During 12 Days of Giving (Nov. 28-Dec.9) we’ll share stories of Children’s Hospital of Illinois in a Facebook story telling series.  You’ll see and feel the everyday struggles, emotions and triumphs these patients, families and caregivers face.  At times it will be hard to read because childhood illness and disease is one of life’s greatest injustices. But keep reading because it is important that their voices are heard. And then share, discuss or re-post to help us change the future for them. If these walls could talk they would tell you…

Laura Season, RN resized

“A little girl with severe disabilities was having a rough day and didn’t have parents here.  She is blind, but loves to sing. On that day I thought  that if I sang with her during bath time she would calm down. So as I bathed her I sang ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’. Slowly, she started to relax, and sang along.

When you see challenging things for 10 years straight, and some of it’s truly awful and ugly, it would be easy to grow cynical. Having a relationship with the Lord has taught me patience and continues to grow my compassion. ”

-Laura, RN


Gabbys Mom Resized

“When we had Gabby we knew she was different but to us she was normal.  From our perspectives,  we thought she would be able to do all the things other babies and kids do, but just differently. As a parent you have a million hopes and dreams when you have a child. One day we were in the ER, she was just nine months old, and the nurse asked me what disabilities she had.  

It was the first time I had to accept that she was different. It was the first time someone used the word ‘disabled’ and it was the first day that I started to mourn the losses that I knew were coming. I had to let go of prom and graduation and marriage and it was heartbreaking. As the years have gone on and we’ve dealt with one medical complication after another I’ve had more periods of mourning where I had to let go of hopes and dreams.”

-Amy, mother


lucy resized

“I want to do everything I can to make these kids happy because I love them. It’s important for me to sit with the patients and talk to them about what they like to eat and what they don’t. When they are here for an extended stay they often get tired of the same things. This one little girl recently wanted nachos. Now we don’t make nachos for patient meals. But I made sure we got some from the cafeteria and had them delivered to her room. That is how I make a difference for them. I’ve been here for 26 years and I’ll do whatever I can to make their meal the best that it can be.”

-Lucy, Food Services

As we learn these stories we are trying to raise funds to help the team at Children’s Hospital of Illinois as they work tirelessly to help patients and their families. Throughout the 12 Days of Giving we will give you a snap shot into the real life situations they deal with. Join us in supporting these brave individuals who are faced with challenges most of us could not fathom.  Please consider giving – even if it’s a small amount: https://choi.osfhealthcarefoundation.org/page.aspx?pid=1402


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